Engine 1 - Pierce Type 1 Structure Fire Engine - E181

     The Pierce, also known as "Big Red" is our primary response vehicle.  It is suitable for structure fires, wildland structure protection and vehicle accidents.  It can carry 5 firefighters and is equipped with SCBAs and a roof mounted water cannon.   It also carries a full compliment of vehicle extrication tools.   Big Red can push over 1000 gallons of water or foam per minute at over 150psi.  It is 4 wheel drive, allowing us to respond in all weather conditions.



Brush 1 - International Type 3 Wildland Fire engine - B181

    The International is our largest brush truck.  It is designed for wildland fires.  It is 4 wheel drive and equipped with a winch for offroad use.  It has two hose reels and can be operated in a "pump and roll" configuration.  It holds 500 gallons of water and can pump at a rate of 150 gallons per minute, up to 250psi.  It carries over 1500 feet of hose.



Brush 2 - AM General Type 6 Wildland Fire Engine - B182

     The AM General or Hummer as we like to call it is a very capable quick attack truck.  It's size  and 4 wheel drive system allows it to get places other engines can't.  It holds 250 gallons of water and pumps at a rate of 50 gallons per minute at up to 100 psi



Squad 1 - Ford - F350 Ambulance Chassis - S182

     Although it sits on an Ambulance chassis, its role is multifaceted.  It has three primary roles.   First it serves as an Incident Command Post.  Second as a mobile recovery area for firefighters during hot or cold weather.  Third as a place for patients and displaced persons to shelter during a traffic accident or other incident.  It carries a compliment of radios, drinking water, packaged food, blankets and first aid supplies.


Squad 2 - Dodge-5500 Type 6 Wildland Fire Engine - S182

     The Dodge is our newest engine.  It was put together as a hybrid crash rescue and wildland truck.  It carries SCBAs, and vehicle extrication tools in addition to wildland and structure hose.  It will "pump and roll" and puts out 50 gallons per minute of water or foam at over 100psi.  It carries 250 gallons of water.



Chase 1 - Ford F-150 - C-18X600

     The Ford is our "Chief's Truck"  In addition to transportation for administrative tasks, it often arrives to the scene first allowing our chief to begin size up operations and develop a strategy for placing our fire engines and crew.



Tender 1 - Tatra T1 Tactical Fire Tender.  - T181

     The Tatra is a 6 wheel drive T1 Tactical Fire Tender.  It's primary job is to move large amounts of water from one location to another.  It holds roughly 2500 gallons of water.  It can dump fill a temporary water source (a pumpkin) for use by wildland crews, or it can feed water into another piece of apparatus.  Because it is a tactical water tender it also has the ability to "pump and roll" and fight fire through it's nose mounted water cannon, through hose reels located on each side or in a traditional hose lay configuration.

Water Cannon