Fire Department

The Harmony Valley Fire District, also known as the New Harmony Fire Department,  provides fire protection and emergency first responders to the greater New Harmony Valley of southern Utah. The area covered is approximately 51 square miles and includes the town of New Harmony itself, along with a 8 mile stretch of Interstate 15. The fire department provides both structural fire protection and wild land fire suppression capabilities to the 1700 residents in the valley. With numerous vehicle accidents occurring each year on I-15 and valley surface streets, the department’s capability of responding to motor vehicle accidents and providing life saving extrication fills a vital role. The training and equipment to carry out these operations is vital to the safety of both the residents and those transiting through our beautiful valley.

The New Harmony Fire Department is a 100% Volunteer organization with trained firefighters from all walks of life.  In addition to bi-monthly in house training, volunteers participate in regional, State and Federal training events.  They have two station houses, one located in the town of New Harmony and one located off of exit 40 in Washington County.   They are first responders for a 51 square mile area including an 8 mile stretch of I15.

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