Burn Permits

Spring Burn season is March 1 through May 30th and Fall Burn season is September 15 through November 15

(Unless a change is ordered by the County Fire Marshal)


Burning may close at any time due to air quality or certain weather conditions.  Your local weather conditions may not allow for safe burning even if permitted in the county.  Please use common sense.  Unpermitted burns will be cited by the Sheriff.  

Apply For Burn Permits Here - if this link does not show you a form to enter your information, burning is not allowed.  Please make sure that the town of New Harmony is selected as your burn location.  There are times when burning is allowed in the county but not allowed in New Harmony based on local factors.  If New Harmony is not on the city drop down list, burning is not allowed in our area.  


Requirements for Burning. 

  • Piles must be lit in daylight and out cold by dusk.
  • You must obtain a permit for the day you intend to burn.
  • Burning is restricted to weeds, leaves and small tree or bush branches.  No trash or building materials.
  • Burnables must be stacked into small piles.  No field burns allowed.
  • Ground must be scraped to mineral soil 5 feet around pile.
  • Wind speed must be less than 15 mph.  If wind exceeds 15 mph fires must be extinguished immediately.
  • A charged water line or fire extinguisher must be available at the actual location of the burn (not back at the house).
  • You must remain at the burn until it is out and cold.  
  • You are responsible for any fire suppression costs or damage caused by your burn.
  • You will be cited if a burn pile is left unattended and is not out cold.     


Clearing index for New Harmony - We are Airshed 3.  The Clearing index must be 500 or greater for burn permits to be issued.